Public Statement from The Bows

Dear members of the communities we belong to, in Treaty 7 Territory and further afield,

The Bows acknowledges that we have read the public statement circulated by seth cardinal dodginghorse two weeks ago.

We do not currently have a response to the statement as a whole, nor to its specific comments about The Bows and individuals employed by The Bows.

We are treating this statement and the related community conflict very seriously, and are currently working toward our next steps with Xochitl Sandoval, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

In the interest of transparency: Xochitl is also working with the Alberta Association of Artist-Run Centres in the aftermath of the cancelation of Lands to Travel Through. These consultations and processes are entirely separate, including the resources of the respective organizations that fund them.

As an organization, we are immensely grateful to be in community with so many and do not take this privilege lightly. We are committed to the ongoing work entailed by this community conflict, our place in it, and our various responsibilities to the individuals and communities involved.


Board of Directors and full-time staff
The Bows