Project dates
May - August 2023
The Bows Billboard
2001b 10th Ave SW
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Well after the proposal of this billboard piece, and a short while after its installation, I was sat across from an old but newly returned friend of mine. I no longer have room for misplaced words: I treasure them, their time, and the conversations we had that day in the room I share with my partner.


I’d like to paraphrase that conversation for you:

“I was talking with R + A (also old friends, also uniquely treasured) the other day, and I was saying that I was craving some bad old things that used to characterize my life.”

“It sounds like you’re seeking pain, then. Are you okay? Are things good?”

“Yes, they are! They are really going well. I hope I didn’t scare you”

“No, you didn’t, but these feelings make sense. It makes sense that you would seek that because of how comforting it is.”

“It is exactly that. I remember the toxic strength of that time. I felt like I could do so much.”

“And now you know that you can do so much without that kind of destruction.”

“I suppose I do, and I suppose I still miss it.”



May G N is a trans-albertan artist, educator, and co-director of TRUCK Contemporary Art in Calgary, AB. She worked in special education under the Calgary Board of Education for a time, and has spent many years developing and facilitating youth programming alongside her friends at the Esker Foundation.

For the foreseeable future, you can walk up a few doors from The Bows and bother her whenever you want; chances are she wouldn’t mind your company, even for a short while.