Project dates
June 3, 2018
The 4th Street Lilac Festival
Booth 1441 (4th St SW & 15th Ave SW), Calgary
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Glitter, many colours. Some cellophane maybe. Eggs can drown then become cut carrots, which are actually your best friend, because all bets about ontology are off and in a blink the landscape melts. Donuts floating, the wayward passengers of tiny hot air balloons. A box for you, with marbles, a baseball, a smaller-than-life disco globe, other tiny spheres. Whose teeth are those anyway? Paint and feathers are the tools for revolution, even if it’s quiet. And I promise, there will be flowers. Lilacs, even.

Dream Sequence is a new performance piece by Emily Promise Allison, presented by Untitled Art Society as our inaugural 4th Street Lilac Festival project. An otherwise ordinary festival booth is transformed into a strange but inviting preternatural landscape as the artist uses objects to perform an improvised sequence of an unpredictable dream. Visitors to the festival will be invited to take part in, encounter, create their own reverie or just observe the artist’s surreal vista, which throughout the day, roves and morphs in incalculable ways, as a dream might.

Emily Promise Allison is a visual artist, performance artist, and children’s educator devoted to using alternative approaches to living by questioning normative behaviour within contemporary society.